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Rhomboid Curtain Panel Tutorial

Yesterday I saw a post in a Facebook group asking how to model a rhomboid panel as shown in this picture.

And I thought OK it is time to finally put a tutorial out for those curtain/adaptive panels.

I haven’t been making proper Revit tutorials in a long time.

The result was pretty decent I think.

How to watch the video:

  1. First 10 minutes are an overview of how it’s all done. For those of you who have experience creating panels that will be enough.

  2. The rest of the video is me making the families from scratch and touching on the concepts of creating well working Revit families from the adaptive component/ curtain panels environment.

No Dynamo this time.

But if you are interested in learning Dynamo I now have a great solution and it is completely risk-free. I have put out a complete Dynamo course on Udemy, 10 hours long, with a variety of examples and a special section at the end teaching my way to approach problems in Dynamo, to apply the tools from the previous sections.

The best thing is you’ve got a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like the course you can always claim it.

What’s in the course:

You will learn all the necessary fundamentals to start using Dynamo immediately and then we will build on top of that:

You will learn how to use external data

how to create and modify geometry in Dynamo

how to use that geometry in Revit

How to place and modify different types of Revit Families - floors, walls, windows and doors, adaptive components, structural elements and furniture

How to create, place and modify views and sheets

how to approach a new problem and solve it yourself

The ideal student for this course is a Revit user who wants to learn valuable new skills that would make them more employable and help them do more things more efficiently. The course is suitable for complete beginners in Dynamo as well as for Dynamo users, who feel that they need some assistance to start doing more with the program.

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