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SERVICES or What can I offer  

Use the application form below if you want to apply for a free consultation which can help you find a solution for any Revit & Dynamo problems you might be experiencing in your company.  

I can't guarantee I will reply personally to all applications since my time is limited. 

I can help with:
  • Revit families creation:
    • Parametric families​
    • Adaptive components
  • Best practices, Tips & Tricks
  • Dynamo implementation for 
    • Geometric operations​
    • Automation 
    • Documentation
    • Using Dynamo + Parametric families 

I have experience providing training (in lecture - presentation style), workshops, consulting and one-on-one tutoring over different problems, solutions and workflows for Revit and Dynamo. 

My experience shows that usually consulting is the best way to go for both sides.  Training and workshops are good for a start, to make a point, to show the possibilities, but then people tend to get lost in the process of applying it to the actual work. 



Consulting, on the other hand, is helping professionals alongside their actual work, providing the needed knowledge or know-how in direct relation to the current work task. 

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