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Our services are tailered for you

Some people want to learn Dynamo, others want a plugin or a script created, and some would like to outsource a task completely - modelling a Revit family or creating a certain type of a façade for example.
Apply for a free consultation below and we can help you clarify what you need exactly. We can point you in the best direction to solve a certain problem:
Disclaimer: We do not guarantee every application is going to be answered. You can always use the contact form for general inquiries.



We provide online (and sometimes on-site) training course on Dynamo and Revit for individuals of various experience - from complete beginners to experienced users (although not in the same course obviously).
The courses follow an established program, but are always flexible to the needs of the particular group. 
We provide workshops on specific topics requested. Do you have a specific topic that you would like to educate your employees on? Facades in Revit? Documentation with Dynamo? We can create a custom workshop for you. 
We also provide one-on-one online tutoring. Do you want to educate your  BIM manager in Dynamo? That would be the most time efficient way for a single person. 



You already know how to use Dynamo but there is a task that's slightly out of your grasp?
Don't worry we can do it for you. 
You have a specific tool in mind that you would like to access from the Revit ribbon menu and you can't find such a tool online? 
We've got you covered. Regarding plugins: if we cannot personally do it - we have a network of highly-efficient Revit problem solvers with great coding skills. They most likely can. 
And finally if you need a Revit family or a project set up - that's a piece of cake for us. 
We are all nerdy about complex parameter-driven Revit families that csuse headaches to normal people. 



You don't know exacly what you need in order to solve a problem. 
You wonder if a purchasing a plugin is better than getting a Dynamo script?
You don't know if you should send your employees to a course, or buy an online course? 
You don't know if there is a plugin out there that's cheap and does the job well? 
Ok we all know that's unlikely, but still is there a plugin that does the job well? 
We can help you find out. Get it contact - apply for a consultation above or use the contact form below. 



We're not robots. At least some of us. 
Most of the time we enjoy what we do and human communication is important for us. 
In this age where everything is automated  and AI and machine learning is implemented more and more we at least want to make sure we talk and express ourselves as humans. 
Have you seen robot voice tutorials on YouTube? 
We try to avoid that. Unless we had a bad day. 
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