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This is a place for interesting workflows and technical solutions involving, as you've probably already guessed, Autodesk Revit software. 
Also, a lot of the posts are going to be Dynamo-related since Dynamo is allowing users to harness the true power of Revit.  

Additionally, I'm going to explore cooperability between different software, and what's coming next in the sphere of architectural and building technology.

what can you expect from this place:
  • Fun. I believe that learning should be fun. Especially for broader topics where showing a particular technique could prove too niche for the broad audience.

  • Tips and Tricks - the things you'd wish someone told you earlier.

  • Workarounds - when something can't be done there are still ways to do it.

  • Revit smart families - parametric families and adaptive components.

  • Computational design - as well as computational architecture in the context of Revit - automation for sheets, views, schedules etc.  

  • Anything else in the sphere of smart architecture and building that I find interesting at the moment. 


My name is Viktor. I am an architect, born and raised in Bulgaria, currently living  in London 
As an architect, BIM coordinator and Parametric design expert I do various things like supporting projects with Revit knowledge, showing  tips and tricks, inventing workflows for automation of mundane tasks, researching for new software and workflows that could be beneficial for us and even sometimes doing actual architectural and design tasks. 
I started using Revit on a daily basis in 2010 with Revit 2011 being the latest version at the time. It wasn't a steep learning curve. Actually, most of the commands and the way of working was pretty intuitive to me. But then all of a sudden, there were some things that seemingly couldn't be done.  Most of my friends in the architectural field used Archi CAD and it seemed that all these issues I had with Revit didn't exist in ArchiCAD. But I always sought solutions and workarounds. I was one stubborn kid. 
I was trying to learn Archi-CAD at about the same time. The learning curve for me was steeper there. I didn't really like the way of working in ArchiCAD and most of all I didn't like how it handles data.
So I decided to stick with Revit.
And I really did. A lot of sleepless nights trying to figure out how to do something that "couldn't be done".
At some point, I became an addict. I remember nights, being out with friends, drinking and partying, then on my way home ideas were sparkling in my mind and when coming home I used to sit on the computer and try if they work. 
At the time I first tried using Dynamo in 2013 I already had a pretty decent knowledge of Revit and BIM. 
That doesn't mean that I really started using Dynamo, though.  I just tried some Voronoi patterns and twisting some geometry, altering family instance parameters and other gimmicky things. It wasn't until the summer of 2014 when I started performing actual work tasks with Dynamo. 

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