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Making the Rudy Ricciotti facades

Have you heard of the French architect Rudy Ricciotti?

When I heard about him for the first time it was 2013 and I was an ERASMUS exchange student in Bordeaux, France.

Many of the students admired him he definitely had the "Starchitect" status there. At the same time, I noticed that the professors kind of despised him.

A controversial figure for sure, with his own views on architecture and not too platonic love towards concrete he was an inspiration to young architects, dreaming of creating one day special and interesting buildings that are not simple utilitarian boxes.

I have attended two of his lectures back in the day and I really enjoyed his sweet talk about architecture.

Back to the present of 2021.

I recently started a series of courses about panelling in Revit, so I was scraping my old experiments and archives of pictures as well as the mighty internet for interesting architectural treatments of facades.

And I stumbled upon his designs again. So I posted two videos dedicated to the modelling principles in Revit that would allow us to achieve this type of design, or actually, two separate designs for two different buildings.

You can find the videos here:

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22 лип. 2021 р.

Nice article. Thank you for sharing.

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