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Loading Multiple Families into Multiple Documents Automatically

I recently had to load some families to projects that were worked on. Some of the projects already had an older version of some of the families. So it is that kind of boring tasks the you want to automate with Dynamo. I found out there's a node in the DanEDU package that loads families in the current project, which was great, but it meant that I still have to open a dozen of files one by one and run the script each time. So I thought we should take it one step further. I hope you've seen the video already, but if you haven't do it now.

There are some things I would like to mention that I forgot to say while recording:

1. IF the families already exist in the project this script is going to override them.

2. I packed the Python in a custom node.

When you download it you can drag in onto Dynamo and it's going to look like this:

Then, to be able to reuse it and load it you can save it to your "Definitions" folder in the Dynamo installation folder. Usually the path is something like this: C:\Users\#user#\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\1.3\definitions

Once you save it there it's going to appear when you search and it's going to look like this:

3. Run the node in Manual mode only, or from the Dynamo Player. If you run the node in Automatic mode there's a good chance to make Dynamo crash from an infinite loop.

In my example I'm using empty project files, but it works with any .rvt file. As I mention in the video I'm using Directory.ContentsAll to get all the files in a certain folder, but you can use any possible way of getting the file paths needed. You can read them from an Excel spreadsheet or browse for the files individually.

The node will be sent to all existing subscribers as well as with the welcome letter to all new subscribers, so If you want to download it - enter your email and click on "Subscribe". A randomization node and the "Curtain wall from Image" definition also come with the welcome message.

Thank you for reading!

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