• Viktor Kuzev

Hello world! or my first post

After a long time of hesitation and self-doubt, followed by a certain period of procrastination and looking without a clear purpose at hosting and domain providers, I can finally say: "Here it is - my humble blog-like website"

I can't make any promises about the consistency or regularity of its content. I am basically going to share things I am interested in, problems I've been solving at work and everything else Revit-Dynamo-BIM related, that I currently find interesting. I tend to like the Revit gimmicks - things such as topography in the shape of a human body, or "animating" 3d text in Revit or famous painters inspired geometry. I like them because they are fun. And I actually believe that fun is one of the best ways to learn something. I think that in order to learn something from a given example it should be either as close as possible to what you're trying to achieve, or it should be funny to watch and recreate. I still don't know if anyone is going to read this text and I still have my doubts about what should I put in following posts. So If you've read this I'd appreciate if you just say "Hi" in the comments and tell me about yourself and what brings you here, what would you like to see in this place.

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