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How to make a curtain wall from image in Revit with Dynamo

In this video you will learn how to map an image file (a picture) to a curtain wall in Revit.

I’m using a simple Dynamo script, which you can see in the video. Subscribe to my website to get the Dynamo file if you want it.

The video turned out to be on the long side,but I think it’s pretty valuable because I encountered some errors. Actually this seems better than a clean demonstration, cause if you get the errors later you’ll know where to look at.

I didn’t talk about the creation of the parametric panels since this would take another 15 minutes and I believe most of you know how to create them anyway (tell me if you’re interested to see tips about creating parametric families)

So mapping an image to a curtain wall, is it actually something valuable?

I was inspired to create this video by a parking building in Hyllie, Malmö.

In my video one of the panels is modelled upon this - rotating around a vertical axis.

I kinda like the technique for creating different abstract compositions - instead of randomization why not use a raster data to drive the design?

You can find the Curtain Wall panels in the download section of the website.

Do you need help with implementing Dynamo in your company’s workflows? Is there something you struggle to accomplish with Revit? Do you feel that some regular normal tasks are taking longer than they should? Contact me to book a free Skype consultation.

I can help with:

Revit families creation:

Parametric families​

Adaptive components

Best practices, Tips & Tricks

Dynamo implementation for :

Geometric operations​



Using Dynamo + Parametric families

​And of course all the standard things in Revit as well - using worksets, phasing, modelling (I like modelling “impossible to make in Revit” things in Revit), etc.

I believe that to learn something it should be presented either in a funny way or as close to the real-world task as possible. Preferably both.

Thanks for reading!

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