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This is a plugin for Autodesk Revit that helps you save your time when assigning room finishes.

  • Automatic creation of floors, walls and ceilings at the same time.

  • Use formatted Metric and Imperial units and formulas as everywhere in Revit.

  • Select ranges of rooms with advanced filters.

  • Give warning of types of walls that are too wide.

  • Joined finished geometry with the main walls.

  • Creates wall finishes around columns and wall edges.


The main features are the creation of separate floors, walls and ceiling automatically for selected rooms in a project. You can add finish to all rooms in one go if you wish. Curtain walls and room separators are ignored but the column and wall edges are "coated" with the selected wall type. Additionally this plugin can be used for the creation of skirting board around the edges of a room.


Please check for updates regularly with in the Help and Support window.


Privacy Policy

1. This app does not collect any data.

2. No data is shared with any third party.

3. The publisher does not retain any data.

Disclaimer: Bimminent is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with Autodesk

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