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Curtain Walls

Most of my posts here have been on the topic of Dynamo, using code in it and recently about custom plugins.

I've also been consulting on these topics (basically teaching someone, while at the same time accomplishing a task they have). I love explaining to people, maybe it's in my genes as my mother is an art professor and my father was a chess coach.

I often notice that while I am explaining fairly complex concepts in automating a task, the tutee lacks a good understanding of more basic concepts.

For example, I'm explaining an automatic placement of gridlines or dimensions for a curtain wall, but I realise I have to explain the normal way a curtain wall works in Revit.

For me that is ok of course - I like sharing my knowledge - but as I have theorised before, the popularity of Dynamo might be making people more inclined to resort to it when they don't know that something is possible in out-of-the-box Revit.

And as you most probably know, I also have a good beginner-to-fluent course for Dynamo on Udemy and a shorter course on the specific issue of mapping pictures to curtain walls and divided surfaces in Revit, again with the help of Dynamo.

I spent the last few months refining and recording a course for the Curtain Walls themselves and it was published yesterday. I did quite a lot of research, checked the contents of other courses and even bought some.

Most of them seem to lack either creating custom panels or creating custom mullions, so that was one thing I had to include since I want to have a good course.

I'm not sure it is for you though. I feel that people subscribed to my website are at least power users. You've been interested in custom Dynamo nodes etc. you probably know everything about curtain walls.

But you might know someone who needs it. Udemy is often offering the courses at crazy discounts (which is one of the reasons I wonder if I should continue my partnership with them, I receive between 1 and 5 dollars per sale on my courses, but that's another story).

Anyway if you think someone would appreciate a good course (I guarantee it is good) for a bargain price give them this link:

I cover Curtain Walls, Curtain Systems and Sloped Glazing in this course, and if things go well I will release another wall for panelling with Divided Surface, Adaptive Components and repeaters.

The pictures in this post are all screenshots from the course.

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