• Viktor Kuzev

Automatic Stair Paths in Revit with Dynamo and python

I recently had to place a bunch of stair paths and my first instinct was to go to the Tag All button.

Then I realised it’s not how it works.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done annotation personally.

So I went to the Stair Path tool and I came to my second realisation - I can only use it one view at a time, one stair at a time. Not cool.

So I had to resort to the good old Revit API to solve the problem.

Went to check on the method.

Ok. So far so good.

We can create them with the API.

But I wanted to make a tool that’s also easy to use. I wanted it to be easily used with the Dynamo player. Filtering views in Dynamo is good, but not exactly user-friendly.

And again I realised that we can get the current selection of elements in Revit, and I’ve done that before, but views are also elements so we can just select the views in the browser and that’s it.

So here it is a nice little tool to place stair paths on ALL stairs in the selected views.

I’m going to share it publicly when I reach 3000 subs on YouTube.

Until then you can find it here:

Are you interested in showing how to use Python in Dynamo? Or do you want to just use Dynamo without coding?

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