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Automatic Dimensions for Floors

Now the idea for this script came from one of my subscribers who really liked the other script - the one for putting a width and length dimensions on all placeable families

However he needed the same thing but for pieces of floors or slabs.

So I decided to help him since this seemed to be a very nice task and I can say I really enjoyed it.

It is heavily based on the script for the families, but unlike it here the dimension reference geometry - they reference the faces of the floors whereas the family script references to the reference planes inside each family instance.

How does the script work?

Once the floors are selected their geometry is taken. It is not converted to proto geometry though - there is no need for that. Which makes the script faster to use and more difficult to create, but which one is more important?

The geometry is taken as faces

Those faces are grouped by parallelity.

Then depending on which option is selected by the user:

All the faces are used as references for the dimension.

Only the most distant pair of faces is taken for the dimension.

There is a relatively smart function drawing the line on which the dimensions are placed.

It used to have an offset parameter in the Dimension From Column to the Closet Grid Line node, but here it would be far more difficult to implement a consistent offset direction, so that option is taken out currently.

What do you think about it?

Is it a useful script?

Does it need an offset parameter for the placements of the dimensions?

Tell me in the comments.

That script required quite some coding I agree, and I’m definitely not the best coder.

However I learnt how to do these things.

For me Learning Dynamo was an important step towards learning how to script and I believe it would be the same for anybody coming, like me, from an architectural/engineering background.

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