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27 Revit Tips & Tricks free eBook

Some time ago I put this book together. 27 tips & tricks for high efficiency in Revit. I had the idea of writing it for a long time. Some of the tips are best practices others are workarounds. All of them, judging from my experience are things that people tend not to know or to forget. I'm sure I can also write 27 more tips, but I really believe that the ones included are essential. Of course I expect that each reader should know some of them.

I'm actually happy to say that 2 or 3 of the tricks discussed in this book have become obsolete with the release of Revit 2019.

I would like to update it and put even more valuable material in the future when I have time for that.

I'm also happy to announce that now you can download the book for free at the download sections of the website:

Or you can just subscribe and get it sent to your e-mail right away.


How I made the book?

I gathered information from my own experience as well as from other professionals in the industry. I noticed that there are some common things that people tend not to know or to forget. These are some unpopular features in Revit. Even some users with 10 years of experience in Revit didn't know some of them, which is to some extent because some new features, that came with new versions of Revit stayed widely unnoticed.


Who is this book for? I would say this book is meant for an audience of users with some experience in Revit, but not Revit experts. It's not for beginners since the descriptions of the features are not fully detailed for a person who doesn't know the software at all. This is in order to keep the instructions brief and clear for the users who are used to working in Revit. It's also not for experts since I expect anybody considering himself or herself an expert in Revit to have good knowledge about all of these tips. Of course, sometimes you end up surprised you don't know something, but you can't know until you see it.


Does the book contain sorcery, dark magic or voodoo to make Revit do things it's not meant to do? Mostly not. Most of the things could be found in the manual. Some of them are hacks or workarounds, which are not in the manual but are still normal Revit functionality. In this book, I don't give Dynamo tips or tips concerning any other add-on/plug-in for Revit. It's just some rare/ forgotten out-of-the-box functionality.


Thanks for reading and see you all soon!

P.S. Consider donating if you have found value in this book. It will help me create more content.

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