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Dynamo - using a dictionary to randomize family types

This is a quick, but powerful technique. Several concepts are explained in the video:

1. Changing the family type of a given instance

2. Randomization

3. Dictionaries

Changing the family type is the easiest thing - just using the "type" parameter gets the job done.

The value for this parameter should be a Family Type


There are several nodes for generating random numbers in Dynamo and I tend to always use the node from Lunchbox, since it gives me all the needed parameters - min max and most importantly seed.

There is a node in Clockwork that creates a random list of elements given a base list and amount:

It's really nice, but it doesn't have a seed input which means that we're stuck with only one combination of random elements.

Dictionaries. I'm explained in detail how to use them in the video.

This is the structure. Basically a dictionary consists of keys and values. Each key has corresponding values. The keys and values could be of any object type, strings, numbers, family types, etc. It's a very powerful technique.

Eventually I decided to make a List.Random Elements with seed node which looks like that:

You can receive the node on your email by subscribing to the website.

Are you interested in randomization? Should I make advanced tutorials? Tell me what do you think in the comments or contact me if you feel like it

. Thank you for reading!

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