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Some time ago I put this book together. 27 tips & tricks for high efficiency in Revit.  I had the idea of writing it for a long time. Some of the tips are best practices others are workarounds. All of them, judging from my experience are t...


 The first video shows the new updated version of the node. 

The basic principles are the same though. 

If you’ve seen the video (which I highly recommend)  you know what the node does. You can find the node on the downloads page
So I...


I recently had to load some families to projects that were worked on. Some of the projects already had an older version of some of the families. So it is that kind of boring tasks the you want to automate with Dynamo. 
I found out there's...


A while ago I made a post about randomizing the Family Types of a Curtain Wall’s panels. 

The technique is actually usable on any kind of families in Revit. 

Last week I made a video about a node I created that randomizes the curtain Grid of...


In this video you will learn how to map an image file (a picture) to a curtain wall in Revit.

I’m using a simple Dynamo script, which you can see in the video. Subscribe to my website to get the Dynamo file if you want it.

The video turned o...


 This is a quick, but powerful technique. 
Several concepts are explained in the video:

1. Changing the family type of a given instance

2. Randomization 

3. Dictionaries

Changing the family type is the easiest thing - just using the "type...


Disclaimer: In that particular example the techniques shown are used used pretty sloppily. That said those are still valid and powerful techniques. 

So I needed a logo for my humble website. And yes, I'm not the best logo designer, I'm ju...


Dynamo is gaining popularity. More and more people (I think generally more engineers than architects) are using it. And this is actually a good thing on its own. But there is some misconception about it. I've heard the phrase "Do some Dyna...


So I put a video up about creating a part of a very famous building in Bulgaria. You can find more about the building here. 

 Here I want to break down the basic principles of using Dynamo to create this. These are valid principles that cou...


After a long time of hesitation and self-doubt, followed by a certain period of procrastination and looking without a clear purpose at hosting and domain providers, I can finally say: "Here it is - my humble blog-like website" 

I can't mak...

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